Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Information

Serverbasket ensure to protect and maintain high standards of confidentiality of the personally identifiable information that was provided by you in any form or that we collect from you. We want you to know that your privacy is pivotal to us. We will not share, lend, exchange or sell your personal information, i.e., email address, zip code, phone number and other crucial details to any third parties without your permission. We have all the rights to use the information for internal purpose to boost the website services, develop new features, enhance customer experience, track your order, and other offline business activities. We use or disclose the information in our logs at our discretion.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Serverbasket will disclose the personal information (such as name, business, city, country, etc.), feedback and comments that was provided by the customers about the business in the marketing collateral and customer testimonials of the serverbasket official site to enhance the services. We unveil the information in such records at our own discretion. Our customers have right to send written notice to withdraw our authorization at any point of time. We, disclose the personal information only to the trusted partners or to the law for the given valid court order.

Disclosure of Non-Personal Aggregates

Serverbasket use the services of the legitimate third parties to carry our certain work activities on behalf of us such as shipping, web hosting, processing the payment, marketing, data management, etc. We share the non-personal aggregate of information about the users with the third parties or partners, if such information is required to perform the job. Our third parties are not permitted to use the information for their purpose and it is strictly confined to use for the purpose set forth by Serverbasket. For instance, we may share the demographic information of the users belonging to particular area. The information is shared for statistical purpose only and this will not be used to unveil the identity of the customers.

Data Security

We, Serverbasket holds the responsibility to protect the personal and confidential information that was provided to us. We have both physical and electronic security technologies to protect the information that was collected by our website for using our services from theft and falling into the wrong hands. We protect the data transferred via the internet using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption technology. Despite of our sincere efforts, there are chances of our information being snooped by the attackers using rapid advancement in technology. We are not liable for all such accidental data theft.

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